finding inspiration in the ordinary

As nostalgic as I am, professionally I'm always looking ahead for next greatest thing. It's hard for me to be ok with just how things are. I'm always seeking to improve, fix, and change what is necessary in order to get to the next level. Never satisfied with where my work is, always looking for a more honest and sincere  portfolio.

After almost two decades of photographing events, setting goals, climbing, and looking ahead, I have been reminded again of the importance of looking down, and looking back. Finding inspiration and contentment in the ordinary, and cherishing where I am and where I have been. 

May 2, 2023

The essence of a moment

A great photograph is more than a memory captured, it's a catalyst.

The scent of a mid-summer's rain, the crackle of a wood burning fire, and the contagious laughter of children echoing throughout our home. These are the soundtracks behind my most cherished memories, and the desperate attempt to never forget them is the core inspiration of my pursuit in capturing life; a longing to not just remember but to be re-immersed.

For my couples, my desire is to create catalysts of joy, peace, and gratitude. To give them the opportunity to experience again the spark of their first kiss, the look in each other's eyes, and the echoes of their guests laughing and tearing up the dance floor as the sun sets and the stars re-appear. Creating soulful photographs that re-immerse  the viewer back into a moment is a responsibility that I take with great honor and pride.

Design: Lisa Gray  |  Model: Ana Dulcedo Models  |  Florist: Sweet Woodruff  |  Hair & Make-up: Michelle Silverstein  |  Published on: Wedding Sparrow

April 5, 2023

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